What is Myalgic Encephalomilitis

Why are people prejudice?          What is ME?               Why cant you do more?

There is a lot of confusion & misunderstanding of people with ME. They regularly have to explain themselves & defend themselves. Having to talk a lot about their illness plus having the unfortunate name of ‘ME’ leads to being mislabelled as obsessed with illness.

The reasons for prejudice are:

1) The illness is called ME and the person appears to be talking about being ill a lot more than ill people normally do.
2) The medical profession have not yet located the physical malfunction in the body that is causing the illness.

Most of the misunderstanding occurs because people with ME who are not severely affected can do a tiny amount of most activities. Because ME is about only having a small quota of energy, this energy can be used to do anything. People with ME are people who pushed themselves hard and broke their body. They are often very dynamic active people. Yet they have to sit still doing nothing for incredibly long periods now they have ME.

The frustration of this leads to using that tiny amount of energy to do anything & everything. When the person with ME is seen to be able to do something strenuous for 1 minute but not 2 or 3. This is the main cause of misunderstanding and arguements. People with ME seen to do strenuous activities become pressurized & bullies to do more. They then are forced by threats, well meaning loved ones & busybodies to prove their illness is real.

People dont understand why the activity can only be done for 1 minute. On page 2 I will explain what is ME and on page 3 I will explain, what happens when I personally do 2 minutes.

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